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Cranwell Resort & Spa

Lenox, Mass.

Oct. 24-25, 2018

2018 NECSC Annual Meeting

held in the Berkshires of Mass.

Six member companies represented

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     Lenox, Mass. - The Northeast Customer Service Committee held its 2018 annual meeting in the Berkshires of Massachusetts on October 24 and 25.  Committee members from six companies attended the two day annual event at the Cranwell Resort & Spa to conduct committee affairs, hold officer elections, discuss industry trends/best practices, and finalize plans for 2019.

     Outgoing Committee Chairperson Jay Schumacher from Lincoln Financial Group kicked off the two-day meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 24.  Schumacher was joined by committee members from several organizations, including Dan Persuitte, Mass Mutual; David Birittieri, Mass Mutual; Dawn Fisher, Mass Mutual; Samantha Vigneault, Protective Life; Nicholle Smith, Phoenix Life; Sue Harris, Phoenix Life; and Joseph Sternal, Liberty Mutual.


     On the final day of the two-day meeting, the committee elected new officers for the 2019/2020 term.  This included Sue Harris, Chairperson; Dan Persuitte, Vice-Chairperson; Sue McBride, Treasurer; Jay Schumacher, Secretary; and Shaun Donahue, Webmaster. 

2017 NECSC workshoP

Millennials in the workplace


Millennials Workshop brings clarity to 'misunderstood' generation

“Millenials” are the fastest growing generation in the U.S. workforce today.  With about 84 million millennials in the country, companies are hyper focused on developing plans to attract and retain millennial talent.  

    Chicopee, Mass. – With more than one in three American workers

classified as “millennials,” the Northeast Customer Service Committee

(NECSC) recognized an opportunity for members to engage one another

and learn more about the largest generation in the U.S. workforce today.  The NECSC hosted a one-day “Millennials in the Workplace” workshop for frontline leaders on Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 at the MassMutual Learning and Conference Center.

    Special Guest Luis A. Marrero, business psychologist and founder of the Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose, spoke to a group of more than 30 industry professionals.  Marrero’s presentation included a walkthrough of several strategies for engaging millennials in the workplace.  It also focused on many of the facts and myths about the generation.

    “The millennial generation feels misunderstood,” Marrero said during the conference.  “They want us to recognize that they’re no different from past generations in the sense that they most definitely want meaningful and fulfilling careers.  Sixty percent consider themselves engaged. This is actually higher versus Boomers at 50 percent.”

    The workshop included a panel of employees from member companies that highlighted what it means to them to be millennials in the workplace today.  The segment opened with Jay Schumacher, NECSC Chairperson, asking panelists several questions related to their workplace experiences as millennials.

    Workshop Panelist and Senior Customer Service Representative from Liberty Mutual Insurance, Meghan Mchugh, said she appreciates the efforts companies are making to attract and retain millennial talent, but she believes all members of the workforce benefit, not just millennials.

    “My company has made several changes in the workplace in the past few years and it didn’t dawn on me until this conference that these changes were possibly being made to appeal to the ‘millennial generation.’ We realized as a group at this conference that ‘millennials’ and other generations want a lot of the same things. Benefits like workplace flexibility, casual dress codes, and recognition programs are desirable regardless what year you were born,” Mchugh said.

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The Northeast Customer Services Committee periodically sponsors workshops that cover pertinent and timely topics for insurance industry service professionals.  If you’re interested in learning more about committee membership, contact the committee through its Contact Us page.